Event 10: The Necessity of Failure

Hearing the word failure can conjure up negative feelings, bad memories, and anxiety. However, failure is a necessary part of life. Failure helps us learn – sometimes through hard lessons, sometimes through minor mistakes. Our two panelists on November 7 discussed how failure, and learning from past mistakes are vital for entrepreneurs. Owen Brierley is the Executive Director of Guru Digital Arts College and Dana DiTomaso is the CEO of Kick Point a Digital Marketing Agency here in Edmonton. They shared their experiences and how they’ve grown professionally and personally from them.

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Dana DiTomaso

Company: Kick Point Inc.

Dana DiTomaso entered the digital marketing field 10 years ago, which makes her older than Facebook, but younger than Google. She’s passionate about helping businesses understand the digital world. In her spare time, she’s the technology columnist for CBC Edmonton AM, co-organizer of the Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners, and Communications Chair of the Advertising Club of Edmonton. She was also named to Alberta Venture’s Next 10 in 2012.

Owen Brierley

Company: Guru Digital Arts College

Owen took on the role of Executive Director of Guru Digital Arts College in 2008. He has been enthusiastically developing the school’s programs and faculty. He is honoured to have so many talented and dedicated professionals share their knowledge and skills with the students at Guru.

Owen Brierley has been a full-time Digital Media Producer based in Edmonton for the past 15 years. Owen’s recent experience includes: co-creating Keys2Drive as part of GystWorks, co-creating an Alternative Reality Game for the tween audience called the Central Institute for Exploration with Hotrocket Studios; game design and project leadership of a Serious Game for service rig workers called Simulynx for Terris-Hill Productions; and serving as the Multimedia Development Coordinator for Alberta Learning’s LearnAlberta.ca project, a repository of digital learning objects for the K-12 sector.

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