Event 3: Expand, Stand Pat, or Quit? Three Edmonton Stories

Are you ready to hire another employee? Should your business expand? When is it time to call it quits? Why not stay a small business? Chris LaBossiere of Yardstick Software, Paul Wallace of yoyoGstring , and Amanda Babichuk, formerly of d’Lish Urban Kitchen & Wine Bar, shared their stories and experiences. They explained what led them to expand, stay their ground, and sometimes step back in business. The panel was held at the Edmonton Journal building 10006 101 Street on August 1 at noon.  Join Capital Ideas to be in the live audience for future panels.  Members also get highlights as they become available.

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Keeping your business small:

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Entrepreneurship, Work/Life Balance and Sacrifice:

On staff and giving up control in business:

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What does it mean for business to be involved in community?

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Amanda Babichuk

Amanda Babichuk has been a proud Edmonton entrepreneur since 2008. Formerly the Owner and Creative Warrior of d’Lish Urban Kitchen and Wine Bar, Amanda made the tough decision to close its doors earlier this year.  She now works at Focus Communications as the Director of Marketing and Business Development.

Chris LaBossiere

Company: Yardstick Software

Chris is the co-founder of Yardstick Software. As an active volunteer in the Edmonton community, he currently sits on the Board of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation EEDC , is Co-Chair of Startup Edmonton, and serves as a director for Aquatera Utilities Inc an Alberta based water/wastewater and waste management company . Chris is married to Jill and they both love spending as much time as possible with their two-daughters. He is also an aviation enthusiast & pilot who is just as happy travelling the globe as he is hanging around the house with his dog Murphy.

Paul Wallace

Company: yoyoGstring

Paul is roughly 67” in height with a receding hairline and an honest smile. He’s currently 41 years old. He juggles and tells jokes for money, trains his little girls to become warriors and spends far too many hours in his basement spinning polyester thread into yoyo gold. Paul looks like he’s 35. He’s been making yoyo string for over 7 years and has a worldwide customer base gained through the creation of not only a superior product but open, honest and swift communication. Paul acts like he’s 14.

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