Event 8: How do I design a great customer experience?

Refining the look and feel of your business — be it online or in person — to yield the greatest possible results from your customer base can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to identifying your business’ aesthetic. That’s why three local entrepreneurs joined Capital Ideas for a panel discussion on October 10, sharing their expert advice on designing a great customer experience. Kirsten Proulx of Henry’s Purveyor of Fine Things, Jason Suriano of Rocketfuel Games and Melissa Walker of Flourish Design & Merchandising spoke to Capital Ideas members at the Edmonton Journal on October 10, 2012.

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Event Video:
How do you create a great customer experience?

Examples of great customer experiences

Dealing with problematic customers

Applying lessons from the past to the present

How do you motivate your sales staff?

The "treasure hunt" method of shopping

Measuring the effectiveness of your customer experience tactics

The takeaway


Jason Suriano

Company: Rocketfuel Games

As co-founder, CEO and creative director of Rocketfuel Games, Jason has over 10 years experience in online, mobile and real world games, interactive marketing campaigns and corporate websites. His company has received many accolades, including CNMA’s Most Promising New Company award, TEC Venture’s Prize Grand prize and a Children’s Technology Review award. Jason co-founded Mobile Monday Edmonton, was a former Alberta ICT Executive Director and has volunteered as co-chair of communications for the Advertising Club of Edmonton.

Kirsten Proulx

Company: Henry’s Purveyor of Fine Things

Kirsten Proulx is a local entrepreneur and co-owner of Henry’s Purveyor of Fine Things, a retail store located in Edmonton’s 124th street shopping district. Among her many achievements, she is an accomplished florist, the previous owner of two home-based businesses, a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Residential Interiors Program and a Feng Shui Master. Kirsten’s passion, and her commitment, is to provide the customer a unique experience by applying the principles of feng shui when merchandising the store.

Melissa Walker

Company: Flourish Design & Merchandising

Melissa Walker is the owner and operator of Flourish Design & Merchandising where she helps local retailers maximize their business results through the look and feel of their stores. Before starting Flourish, she worked for HBC for eight years after graduating from Visual Communication Design —  majoring in Design & Visual Presentation — at Grant MacEwan, where she
graduated with high honours. Melissa loves using her time and talents to support local retail in Alberta through visual merchandising, training, and consultation.

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