Six ways technology impacts your business


Technology has become an indispensable tool where business is concerned, which is why Wellington Holbrook, executive vice-president of ATB Business, asked Capital Ideas members to share how it has impact their businesses. Read on for six ways it has made a difference, or catch the full spread in the Feb. 26th edition of the Edmonton Journal.

What impact has technology had on your business?

1. Increased accessibility.

AzadehAbdolrazaghi“The technology of 3D printing invented in the 1980s has become more affordable and accessible in recent years, opening many doors for entrepreneurs to start new businesses.” — Azadeh Abdolrazaghi, founder of Shape Your World (

2. A larger customer base.

BrendaHerchmer“Delivering learning online has meant our market is no longer limited to Edmonton… Technology has also leveled the playing field in that we’re using the same learning platforms as major institutions. The only difference is that in being smaller, we can be more responsive and entrepreneurial in how we integrate and apply technology to marketing, registration, learning and testing.” — Brenda Herchmer, principal collaborator at Campus for Communities (

3. Freedom.

JeyArul“As a small business owner, I am not tied to an office or computer in order to do my work and stay in the loop. One of the ways that technology has helped is by allowing me to take my business with me anywhere in the world. The increasing popularity of cloud-based services and alternatives to traditional landlines, such as VoIP and virtual phones lines, has enabled me to stay connected with my clients, and at the same time, manage a balanced lifestyle with my family.” — Jey Arul, president VR Business Brokers (

4. Heightened productivity.

PaulPatterson“Productivity is vital to our organization, and technology has a massive impact on how we operate and service our customers. We leverage mobile devices and cloud-based tools to extend our reach to work anywhere, at any time, which is huge in terms of productivity. Emails, instant messaging, online meetings and online portals for customer collaboration have made it much simpler and easier to be productive, saving us time and money.” — Paul Patterson, founder of Citizen39 Inc. (

5. Company expansion.

JoelleMcLaren“Technology has allowed us to focus on other areas of the business, like product development, skills training and process flow rather than just on the administration of the business.” — Joelle McLaren, president of California Closets (

6. Convenience.

TarcySchindelka“When I started in 1994, I had to carry hundreds of pounds of cassettes to each event. Now I can take ten times the amount of music on a one-terabyte hard drive. Much easier to carry, manage and organize, as well as meet our customers’ needs and requests.” — Tarcy Schindelka, president of Advanced DJ Services Inc. (

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Image by Mervi Eskelinen, shared under Creative Commons License.

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